As an award-winning Marketing Leader with global experience spanning several continents, I thrive on pioneering change, with a perspective for the digital world, balanced by experiences in the real one.

The creative journey began after graduating with an advertising + design degree from CCS in Detroit, Michigan and since then have been very fortunate to work in various roles as VP, CD, ACD, Design Director, Marketing Director and Chief Marketing Officer in Toronto, New York, Montreal, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Paris, Mexico City and Vietnam with an incredible array of talented individuals.

I bring a visionary and innovation-focused perspective to all aspects of marketing strategy, most recently in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space. With my substantial industry experience I have skin in the game. I’ve lead and managed teams of up to 120, working with annual budgets in the millions, developing high performing marketing for top brands with a proven track record of driving results and growth.

I bring excellent networks to leverage expertise quickly and effectively, resulting in success of projects being produced ahead of schedule. Whether it’s startups, small businesses, or large corporate companies, I’ve successfully managed teams for optimal performance in multiple departments, while saving thousands on multi-million campaign budgets.

When I’m not busy building and leading great digital marketing strategy that works in the real world, you can find me in connection with engagement, innovation, reinvention, and art.